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aboutUs_blockIcon  Who Are We?

We’re an indie game development company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Starting out as just two people in the small town of Outshoorn in the Klein Karoo, and officially launching in the always sunny Durban, we’ve grown into an impressive 12 men and women team.

When we’re not admiring the view, or eating delicious cookies and cupcakes, we make our own games and also provide game development services to third parties.

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The mobile version of our much loved puzzle title A Day in the Woods is now available on Android via Google Play and the Amazon store! For the Apple fans and users, you can get your copy through the iTunes store. Look out for updates coming soon for the game (because a game is never done!) or find out more about this beautiful title and watch the trailer here.

Our other upcoming memory-matching mobile title – with a twist – Ginjah is also shaping up. It’s tricky balancing two games in the end stages of development, so it’s been a bit crazy here in the office. We’re keeping sane by eating more cupcakes.

Read more on Our Games page or check out our Press Kits.

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