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We’re an indie game development company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Starting out as just two people in the small town of Outshoorn in the Klein Karoo, and officially launching in the always sunny Durban, we’ve grown into an impressive 12 men and women team.

When we’re not admiring the view, or eating delicious cookies and cupcakes, we make our own games and also provide game development services to third parties.

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We’re deep in military territory now, working closely with Johan Nagal of Every.Single.Soldier to produce the sequel to Vietnam ’65: Afghanistan ’11. You can find follow our progress as we make our way through this game’s mine field by following the developer diaries we’ll be regularly posting on our blog.

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Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 05 Feb 2016

A really quick update for the first week of February from the development team:

What we’ve done this week


Apache Helicopter | Vehicles in Afghanistan ’11

And, now, for the pièce de résistance of the Afghanistan ’11 US forces’ vehicles: The Boeing AH-64 Apache […]