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Talking on Cape Talk Radio about RetroEpic and #cocreate2ACCELERATE

In case you missed it - and no one would blame you because it was super early in the morning and we also would rather be hiding under the covers - we chatted very briefly to Bryan on Cape Talk Radio about our experiences with #cocreate2ACCELERATE…
A Day in the Woods | Successfully Greenlit

Thanks to you, we've been Greenlit!

Thanks to every single person who voted yes, left a comment and shared our Greenlight campaign in their social networks, Steam has deemed us popular enough to Greenlight! A Day in the Woods was on Greenlight for just 16 days and we've been…
A Day in the Woods | Steam Greenlight

A Day in the Woods is on Steam Greenlight!

Our award-winning puzzler game, A Day in the Woods, is finally making its debut on Steam Greenlight! After a fantastic original release on PC, with an overwhelmingly positive response from both journalists and players alike, we've made a lot…
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RetroEpic Selected for #cocreate2ACCELERATE challenge

We're really excited to announce that RetroEpic Software has been chosen as one of the companies taking part in the  #cocreate2ACCELERATE challenge. An initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, RetroEpic was identified as one of 5 high-potential…
RetroEpic Software | Team Update

RetroEpic News and Updates!

When I first joined RetroEpic Software, two years back in 2014, we were a team of ten people with a website that hadn't been updated since 2011 and a completely-revamped-almost-finished-but-battling-to-get-production-time-between-client-work…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 06 May 2016

Phew...that was a week. I have some good news (again) and some bad news. First, the bad news. There were a few bugs that crawled into our first alpha build. So unfortunately the game isn’t officially in alpha state yet. We’ve spent the…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 29 April 2016

It's been a long time coming but I can finally say that I have some certifiable good news about the Afghanistan '11 game! Today we have sent the alpha through to our partner, Every.Single.Soldier, who in turn is sending it through to the…
Ludum Dare 35 | RetroEpic Software

Ludum Dare #35 at RetroEpic

It might only be April, but it's already been quite a hectic year for everyone here at RetroEpic. We've had more projects than capacity and everyone is working their butts off to get things finished - if not on time, then to a polished standard…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 15 April 2016

Two important things are happening today, though not both are happy. The first is that it's our brand manager, Megan's, birthday today. So, there's cake and pizza and other things making the office smell delectable. The other thing, which is…