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Games: An Opportunity for Brands and Marketing

Confession Time: I used to work at a digital marketing agency. I’m telling you this upfront because my time spent there (along with time spent thereafter at a digital marketing school) have heavily influenced the […]

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We’re hiring (again)!

That’s right! RetroEpic is at it again – we’re growing our team to be able to take on bigger and better game development projects.

This time we have openings for a Junior Unity Developer and a Senior Unity Developer. […]

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  • A Day in the Woods Released

A Day in the Woods released to Android today!

It’s been a long time coming but we’re happy to say that today our much loved puzzle title – A Day in the Woods – finally lands on Android!

Many of you have wondered why we […]

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Unity Garbage Collection Tips and Tricks

Unity and the .NET/Mono platforms provide numerous tools to help us mitigate many of the headaches that we have come to associate with traditional low level game development. With little to no effort we have […]

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  • Character Design Tutorial | A Day in the Woods | Wood Carved

A Day in the Woods Character Design Tutorial

Since re-releasing our sliding puzzle game title, A Day in the Woods, a little earlier this year and sharing some of our character designs on the Polycount forums, we’ve had a lot of interest in exactly […]

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  • Forgetting to Save | RetroEpic | Blog

Lessons Learnt from Forgetting to Save

We’ve all been there before. You’re making a kick ass model/script/thing and something catastrophic happens. Your app crashes, the power goes out, your 3-year old pressed the glowing button on your computer, source control bugs […]

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