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When I first joined RetroEpic Software, two years back in 2014, we were a team of ten people with a website that hadn't been updated since 2011 and a completely-revamped-almost-finished-but-battling-to-get-production-time-between-client-work…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 06 May 2016

Phew...that was a week. I have some good news (again) and some bad news. First, the bad news. There were a few bugs that crawled into our first alpha build. So unfortunately the game isn’t officially in alpha state yet. We’ve spent the…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 29 April 2016

It's been a long time coming but I can finally say that I have some certifiable good news about the Afghanistan '11 game! Today we have sent the alpha through to our partner, Every.Single.Soldier, who in turn is sending it through to the…
Ludum Dare 35 | RetroEpic Software

Ludum Dare #35 at RetroEpic

It might only be April, but it's already been quite a hectic year for everyone here at RetroEpic. We've had more projects than capacity and everyone is working their butts off to get things finished - if not on time, then to a polished standard…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 15 April 2016

Two important things are happening today, though not both are happy. The first is that it's our brand manager, Megan's, birthday today. So, there's cake and pizza and other things making the office smell delectable. The other thing, which is…
Chinook | Afghanistan '11 | RetroEpic

Chinook | Vehicles in Afghanistan ’11

In the Afghanistan theatre of war, and especially in the Afghanistan '11 game, one essential aspect for maintaining control will be transportation of ammunition, fuel and supplies along with troops and heavy artillery, as well as MEDEVAC missions.…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 08 April 2016

It's the final stretch for Afghanistan '11, before we go into external beta testing. Everyone is heads down, hard at work, implementing the last major aspects of gameplay while fixing the multitude of niggly bugs that are bound to appear at…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 06 April 2016

We deviated from our usual course of action from the last couple of weeks and moved our weekly Dev Diary from Friday to a Wednesday. The idea was that we'd actually have more to show at this point in time than we would on Friday because of all…
Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 23 March 2016

With tomorrow being a public holiday - and a well-deserved day-off for the RetroEpic team - we're posting our weekly developer diary on a Thursday. To make up for this chaos, we've included a gyfcat of from Robbie's computer as he was working…