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Neal Liddle Joins the Team

In the past few weeks our office has experience a new sort of quiet. There has been a definite deficit in spontaneous outbursts of song emanating from a particular corner of the office. We’ve also missed […]

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  • A Day in the Woods Released

A Day in the Woods released to iOS Today!

We’ve very excited to announce that A Day in the Woods – our much loved puzzle title created and released for PC in 2011 – has officially been released on the Apple iStore today!

If puzzling adventures […]

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  • A Day in the Woods | Occulus Rift

A Day in the Woods coming to Oculus Rift

It’s taken a lot of cupcake-bribes, but we’ve managed to get the whole RetroEpic team to keep this a secret for a good couple months. Of course, I now get the pleasure of announcing that […]

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  • Level design is difficult | RetroEpic

Level design is difficult.

We’re just under two weeks from re-releasing our first commercial game A Day in the Woods to iOS and we’re still making changes to our puzzle levels. Why? Because level design is difficult. And level […]

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  • Cosmonaught

We’re hiring!

That’s right! There’s an opportunity for a skilled Generalist Game Artist to join our team. The role has a particular focus on 3D animation and the ideal candidate would be self-driven, self-learning and comfortable with the character pipeline (from […]

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  • Global Game Jam 2015 | Ed Beaukes

Global Game Jam 2015 [Part 3]

It’s time for our third, and final, blog post on our adventures at the 2015 Global Game Jam! This time, we’ve got Ed sharing his thoughts on going into a game jam with no plan […]

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