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  • RetroEpic at rAge 2015

What we learnt at our first expo

RetroEpic Software is a company that’s built on the understanding that not one of us employed here is fully an expert at anything. We’re all still learning and we’re very much expected to try things […]

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  • Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 27 Nov 2015

In case you didn’t already know, Afghanistan ’11 is going to include a campaign mode, following the actual battles that were fought in this war. We’ve spent this week setting up the systems to handle […]

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  • A Day in the Woods | RetroEpic Software

A Day in the Woods wins Unsung Heroes competition

You may recall, not so long ago, A Day in the Woods getting a lot of love and press coverage as being part of the Spil Games Unsung Heroes competition. After two nail-biting rounds of […]

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  • Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 20 Nov 2015

One of the difficulties of designing and making games that can play on mobile devices is that you’re limited in terms of graphical abilities. Unfortunately, although we have a team capable of incredibly high quality […]

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  • Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 13 Nov 2015

Well, now it is official! RetroEpic is in the process of creating Afghanistan ’11 (A’11 for short) alongside Every.Single.Soldier and we can finally start sharing some of the details of what we’ve been slaving on […]

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  • Every.Single.Soldier

Every.Single.Soldier and RetroEpic Software join forces

If you had happened to make it to rAge in Johannesburg in October this year, you might have noticed that Every.Single.Soldier and RetroEpic Software were getting rather cosy on our side of the Home_Coded stand. […]

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