A Day in the Woods

In A Day in the Woods – a stylish re-imagining of the traditional sliding puzzle game – you plays as Little Red Riding Hood’s wispy winged sprite friend. It’s up to you to solve each hexagon-tiled level in the shortest number of moves possible and get Little Miss Red safely to Granny’s house. You’ll be collecting flowers and berries and making friends with bunny rabbits, beehives and the local woodcutter along the way.

60 Challenging Levels to Explore!

With each new hexagon-title swapping level you unlock, you’ll be progressively introduced to more interesting and difficult challenges in getting Miss Red across the board to Granny’s cottage. Adding an extra layer of difficulty is the “par” rating, indicating the minimum number of moves each level can be completed in.

Unlock Levels, Seasons, Wings and More!

Deliver the piping hot basket of baked goods, flowers and berries to Granny’s cottage in as few moves as possible to earn a full star rating and unlock new levels. You’ll also be able to unlock season backgrounds for your game as well as loads of sprite upgrades. There are a host of different wings, trail details and flares for you to choose for your fairy sprite – in your favourite colour too!

Beautiful Graphics!

The delightful wood-cut art style of A Day in the Woods adds to the storybook charm of the game and creates a wonderful world for adults and children alike to explore.

Sneak past the big bad wolf, avoid massive spiders and distract bears to solve each puzzling level and get Little Red Riding Hood safely to Granny’s house.

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With its charming board game aesthetic, easy-to-pick up controls and objective, obstacles that feel well-integrated, and no unnecessary bells and whistles, A Day in the Woods is a refreshing take on the sliding puzzle genre.
Bryan Lufkin, Gamezebo
#4 Best PC Games of 2011

While they still have their audience, sliding puzzles are about as old and predictable as puzzle games can get. “Innovative” is about the last word I’d ever expect to associate with one. And yet that’s exactly what A Day in the Woods is… If you thought you’d seen it all in sliding puzzles, you’d better think again.

Jim Squires, Gamezebo
The game itself is polished and accomplishes everything it sets out to. It’s suitable for all ages and there are sixty progressively challenging levels. If you enjoy fairy tale based casual puzzle games, A Day in the Woods could be a dream come true.
Ian Brown, Venture Beat
If you need a game that looks stunning from every angle and provides a well-built, streamlined challenge, look no further than A Day in the Woods. It’s distilled puzzle goodness without any filler!
John Bardinelli, Jay Is Games
The real hits come up most unexpectedly and without much notice. Although its seeming antiquated on paper and often copied, but you certainly never played a sliding puzzle game with so many creative ideas. 60 levels are a good extent for the genre and technically fulfilled the title the target of a puzzle game by far. If you like creative puzzle fun, will definitely find it here. For me, A Day In The Woods is one of the first candidate on the coveted Game of the Year title!
Overall A Day in the Woods is a well-designed puzzle game that has a charming art style and most importantly is fun to play.
Matt Willacy, Gamers FTW
This is not a mindless Candy Crush time waster. It’s a game that starts off so easy you’ll think it is designed specifically for kids but will become progressively more challenging the more you play…It’s visually beautiful and exquisitely designed.
Sam Wright, Tech Girl
The perfect game to play on the go.
Rikus le Roux, G3AR
A Day In The Woods is a breath of fresh air on the App Store.
Eric Pankoke, Touch My Apps
One of the best mobile games of April 2015.
Michelle Starr, CNET
The artwork is sublime.
Jaco Gerber, Screwy Lightbulb

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